Sunday, 10 June 2012

urban outfitters coat.

I brought this while ago from urban outfitters when kharki wasn't very in. However since its been populated and i see countless people wearing them when i'm out. Its over sized and baggy which gives it vintage edge. I'm half way through summer and i haven't had a lot of wear out of it therefore i'm relying on the fact that it will come in handy through out the colder winter months. I normally wear it with jeans,leggings or denim shorts.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

current topshop stock

Topshop is my favorite shop and the stock is always so amazing. The mojority of my wardrobe is from there! I go shopping there most weekends and on the internet these are some of my favorite items in stock right now!

The colours on this pair of shorts are so gorgeous! They are so cute and the colorful threds make a black pair of shorts much more interesting!

 I love these stretchy hot pants. I have been tempted to where them on nights out on countless occasions but always find them boring. However these combine simplicity and interesting. With white blouse and a red blazer and red wedges- amazing. 

These shorts are so practical. I brought them quite recently.The color is amazing and the length, i consider perfect. When i wear shorts they have attend-ency to be very short and show a lot however these are perfect.

Ahh this is fabulous. I would personally wear this for a very low key outfit for exercise or a day where you don't much.

Wow. This is so striking and an amazing touch to a statement outfit. When i see this i visualize its being worn with studded hot pants and Jeffery Campbell's or knee length pencil skirts with diamante heels and over-sized clutch purses for a night out. However its also wearable for the day time with high waisted shorts and creepers or a pair of jeans and thick platformed lace up pumps.

This is so gorgeous. Cream and lace Bralet. Would work perfectly to finish off an outfit involving heavily patterned shorts,skirts or trousers.

I found this on the top shop website and i have to say i preferred it on the internet over seeing it in the store. However i adore the pattern and think this would look best on olive skin tones.

This is also gorgeous. Perfect if you don't have many curves as the belt on the waist would create an illusion that your hips were wider than your waist. 

This skirt is so fabulous the pastel colours and different lengths on front and back make this so feminine and pretty. I brought it and i love it so much.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Follower search

Hello, my darlings.
I have been writing this blog for a while now and would love to acquire some more followers. There for if any of you would like to recommend me at 'Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful'  or give me any topics or subjects to cover on any future posts i would be grateful.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Hey everybody,this is what my OOTD post.
The top i am wearing- other wise referred to as a bralet is from Topshop. I brought it relativity recently in the Liverpool store. It cost me £12 which i consider a reasonable price. This skirt is from american apparell which i brought on line in the sale for £19!


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