Sunday, 22 April 2012

essential hair secrets

Silky Extensions..
If any of you have relatively short hair like me, and wear hair extensions then you will know that after a while they start to go frizzy and look neglected. You wash them and wash them but they sometimes get more frizzy. When i was told about this incredible cheat ( by ciaratrixie on youtube whose videos are really good,you should all take a look) i thought it wouldnt actually work,but i tried it out today and by extensions look brand new!
I'm sure all of you have an iron in your house? You brush each piece of you extensions through so there is no knots. Take on piece and place it on the ironing board place the iron on top of it as near to the top as you can get it without burning your fingers- then pull the iron over the extension just like your ironing a tee shirt. Brush it through again and your hair extensions will look silky,soft and revived! Carry out this procedure for each piece of hair. ONLY DO THIS IF THEY ARE REAL HAIR,SYNTHETIC HAIR WILL MELT!!

 Wavy Hair..
Wrap a piece of hair round the curling tongues,wait three seconds,then take it off,wait another three seconds,brush it from the top straight to the bottom,then spray it with hairspray. Continue to do this for the whole of your hair!

Flicky Volumous Hair..
I am constantly trying to create flicky hair whenever i go out,but i have only recently discovered how to do it! There are a few celebrities that get it just right, such as Debbie O'Toole,her flicks always look fabulous. Some people insist on straightners,curling tongues,heated rollers but its actually a whole lot easier. All you need to do is,wash your hair and whilst its wet put it up into velcro rollers,outwards(size depends on your hair or how big you want your flicks to be) make sure you clip your rollers in tight!Wait for about 5 minutes until hair is damp as apose to wet. Dry your hair with a hairdryer on full heat whilst it is in rollers,making sure it is completely dry. Take out the rollers carefully and slowly because if your rush and do it quickly you run the risk of frizzy hair! Then spray your hair with hairspray to insure that yor fabulous flicks hold!

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