Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I'm going to talk about my fashion likes and dislikes in general.My favourite clothing store is topshsop. Everything in there is fashionable,and i would happily wear most things in store. There are a few rare occasions were i feel that topshop have got it wrong,but most of the time its all spot on. You may have noticed that at the moment there is alot of aztec,scarf pattern and general heavy pattern about in shops When i was shopping today i did notice multiple patterns and differnt versions of Aztec. I believe that scarf pattern became a big thing after Jessie J was spotted making am appearnce on a new TV show 'the voice in the UK' wearing a chain pattern shirt.

I personally think that Jessie J has got it just right in both of theese pictures. Both of theese heavy print outfits make her stand out even more. They complement her skin tones and her hair very well.
Spot on Jessie J!

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