Wednesday, 4 April 2012

hmm. I think everyone across britain is experiencing some extreme weather conditions and if your anything like me will be struggling to know whats what in fashion at the moment. As in liverpool we've gone from too weeks of dazzling weather to dam right cold! But trying to focus on thee future(making me feel far more positive on the weather) it is spring. Have you heard the spring trends? Well pastels are in,and so are heavy prints. I cant tell you what to wear but i can give you a helping hand.
The two styles on the cards i personally think are at completely different ends of the scale. as a associate pastels with plain soft outifts and heavy patterns with bold and stong outfits. however i forgot about a very important word. CREATIVITY! Who is there to say that we cant have light,soft pastel patterned outfits? either find a heavily patterned blouse in maybe light pinks or baby blues OR mix the too but be careful! don't buy a red and gold patterned blouse to wear with lilac leggings! clash your prints but try not the clash your colours.

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