Sunday, 22 April 2012

my favourite products

I use alot of products for lots of differnt things,heres what i use and what i think of them..
I use the body shop lip cream and body lotion, they're quite pricy but very good quality. They always make my skin/lips feel very soft and healthy.
I also use the soap and glory 'hand food' i find tjis works amazingly and achieves lovely soft hands.
I use Dove 'soft and gentle' shower wash. It smells lovely and always makes me feel clean and refreshed.
I use loreal colour and protect shampoo and cpnditioner which leaves my hair feeling healthy and silky. It also helps me keep my colour for as long as possible as i die mine from time to time.

Washing my fasce is very important to me as i love having soft skin. I believe it is very important to have a face care routine. Every evening i use make up remover and cleanser by simple then use the clinique exfoliation scrub. After that i use a foam face was from virgin V then a toner from Virgin V then  moisturiser from virgin v they keep my skin in good condition.Virgin V is a brand i have only recently heard about,however i won £25 vouchers for it and chose a skin care set,this came with a large bottle of face wash,Toner and a medium sized pot of moisturiser.I have used many skin care products in a wide range of prices and i can easily say they are by far the best products i have ever used,at an extremely reasonable price, i stongly recommend the brand.

I also use 'freederm' gel if i get spots or pimples it freezes your blemish over night and is visually better by the morning!

I tend not to use to much product on my hair as it sometimes makes it less healthy although i do use a detangler spray that i purchased from tesco, it gets rid of any knots and makes your hair smell amazing!

If you have an beauty secrets or any fabulous products you would like to share with me,feel free?

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