Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Whats in my make up bag.

Today i am going to be talking about what it is in my make-up bag.
My make-up bag is a medium sized Elizabeth Arden flowery,zip up bag.
First i use 'Dr Feel Good' by benefit. I apply this to my skin after washing it and before applying make-up. it protects make-up seeking into your paws and makes your skin feel smoother- £25.
Then apply  a dot of Mac foundation to my forehead,both cheeks,under both eyes,my nose and chin. By rubbing these dots in you create a natural blend of colour not using much at all. £35 (ish)
I normally then draw my eyebrows on using an angled mac eyeliner brush and the clinique browns palette.£15
Then apply a few coats of Soap and glory 'thick and fast' mascara to my eyelashes. £9
if i am going out or dressing more formally i would add either. Mac kohl black liner to my waterline, Mac super slick brown eyeliner or rimmel black 'exaggerate' to above my lash line on the top of my lid. kohl-£12 mac liner £15 rimmel £6.
Sometimes i would add powder and lip stick depending on how i felt.
Hoola Bronzer -benefit £20
Clinique Blush - £10
on my lips..
Soap and glory 'LIP stick' - £9
'Go Red' -Elizabeth Arden £15
All prices are aproximate.
 Hannah XXX

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